Simply put:

I provide expert solutions to plumbing problems.

Qualified plumbing support is here!

The gold standard in professional plumbing: PlumberMENG

A consummate plumbing professional, I am adept at troubleshooting all issues related to plumbing and sanitation works.

I specialise in chokage clearance and leakage repair with extremely high success rate.

It is not a coincidence that many of my customers do not even have a chance to utilise the MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE that I furnish

My Specialties


Toilet Bowl

Kitchen sink

Wash basin

Floor trap

Drainage pipe

Waste pipe




Toilet Bowl / Cistern / Water Closet (WC)

Service pipe

Waste pipe

Air pipe



Toilet Bowl

Flush cistern (cistern fitting for toilet bowl)

Flush valve

Washing machine tap

Handheld bidet spray

Water tap

Water mixer

Wash basin

Kitchen sink

Water heater

Water meter


Flexible hose

Bottle trap

Pipe works



Both normal and emergency plumbing services are available

24x7x365 Plumbing Service

I offer round-the-clock service

because I understand the inconvenience and urgency of a plumbing crisis.

Customers in the Tri-Town area of Yishun, Sembawang and Woodlands  enjoy priority job booking.

Well, I am The Preferred Plumber in Yishun-Sembawang-Woodlands for a reason.

Singapore's Premier Plumbing Specialist